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The Park

Familiar Folk Songs From American/Irish/ Canadian traditions.

for each 75 minute family friendly show, thomas prepares a custom setlist.

filled with interaction; we’ll sing charlie on the MTA, ring of fire and

retro favorites will leave your party goers humming!

The Pub

for each 75 minute no-holds barred show, thomas prepares a custom setlist, that brings out the irish rover in all of us!

songs for the pub involve a hilarious mix of clapping, stomping and shouting.

this set will be adjusted for the audience. thomas can include the traditional language, mature themes and nuance; or perform a family friendly show.

The dock

Nautical Novelties

each 75 minute swashbuckling show thomas leads traditional sea shantes and regales his audience with popular songs of the sea.

yes, you’ll be singing “Wellerman.” and the “Mary Ellen Carter”

A person could say Thomas has had 26 years preparing for your performance. Thomas was raised on a steady diet of Irish folk favorites and American Folk of the social revolution: Woody Guthrie and Peter Paul & Mary. As a child, studied Tenor (Irish) banjo at Filedheacht Music School, continuing his study of Irish Culture and music in Irish Sessions at McGuiggin’s Pub, Whitman and the Irish Cultural Center. Thomas studies folk attending performances and open mics and has been lucky enough to have a mentor in international singer / songwriter Joe Jencks. His favorite instruments are the Baritone Ukulele and the Folk Guitar, which complement his tenor voice and give him the versatility to have fun with his audience.

Thomas’s selections for the Park are family friendly. For the Pub include themes and language for more mature audiences. For the Dock are for seafarers and selection can be included, upon request, in the Park or the Pub set lists. Amplification for a community room- type atmosphere is included, if needed. Show bookings are available within 20 miles of Bridgewater at $150 for 75 minutes.