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Thomas Joseph Kelley, Jr

Celtic & American Folk

Familiar Folk Songs

American Folk from such great song writers as Peter, Paul & Mary, Joe Jencks and Pete Seger. Thomas encourages sing alongs that teach American history. 
Partial Set List
Blowing in the Wind
(Dylan, 1962)
Puff the Magic Dragon
 (Peter, Paul, and Mary)
I’ll fly Away (Brumley, 1929)
Charlie and the M.T.A. (Steiner & Hawes, 1949)
Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty, 1969)
Ring of Fire (Cash)
​Where Have all the Flowers Gone (Seeger, 1960)

Bad Moon Rising be; social August 2023
in the Pub

Irish songs bring us down the path of life together. We sing through the pain and stories of grit, and it makes us stronger.

The Ferryman ~ Busking Boston Harbor 2023

Pub Partial Set List
Galway Girl (Earle, 2000)
Parting Glass
​The Irish Rover (1880’s)
Whiskey You’re The Devil
The Old Dun Cow
The Joli Roving Tar
The Holy Ground
The Shores of Botany Bay (1860’s)
Rambling Rover (Stewart, 1983)
Finnegan’s Wake (1864)
Black Velvet Band ( 1800’s)

Nautical novelties

Join Thomas as he swashbuckles us into the past

The Mermaid. Brockton Farmers Market 2023

Dock Partial Set List
The Mermaid
Drunken Sailor
St Christopher (Jencks, 2000)
Fairwell to Nova Scotia (1700’s)
​Mary Ellen Carter (Rogers, 1979)
​Leaving of Liverpool (1880)

Thomas entertains! Read what is being said about him:

“Thomas Kelley, a dedicated musician, talented, charming and wildly entertaining! His performances are engaging and crowd pleasing! When Thomas is at the mic, let the good vibes roll! ~ Lisa Hogan, be;

“Thomas’ musical performances are pure joy. His combination of personality and music always bring a smile and lift the spirit. ~ Rev. Gordon Crouch, Union Congregational Church, East Bridgewater